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We are serial entrepreneurs, savvy businesswomen, and, your experts on all things career!

We have over 25 years of combined professional experience in Recruitment and Human Resources. We started Blush & Blazers, a Philadelphia based non-profit, as a way to provide our community with tools, education, and resources to obtain and sustain meaningful employment.

Our Clientele is diverse and so is our approach.  From High School students who are looking to develop strategies for landing their first summer job or a seasoned professional who’s not sure how to explain an employment gap on their resume, we have the expertise you need to succeed!  Want to learn more about who we are?  Stop by our About page!  Interested in learning more about the services we offer?  Click here.  Looking to connect with us?  Send us an email. 


LaShay & Andrea 


Client Testimonial:

“I reached out to Blush & Blazers a while ago for assistance with my resume.  They critiqued my resume promptly and provided me with some great tips for improvement!  They were VERY professional.”

-Jackie H.

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